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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
You and others, like me, paid for most of their college education. I agree with this... although I think if anyone is raping state budgets, it is the State University systems.... Talk about ridiculous pay raises above the inflation line, provided in large part by the state government and even more so by the incredible price gouging and collusion with creditors on the part of Universities to the financial crush of the students. These kids are paying WAY more than we did to go to school... and I still owe $17k in loans, for a degree I have never earned a red cent from.
I would agree that the increases in tuition and fees at all universities and colleges have been obscenely above inflation rates, and it's ridiculous. Of course, the universities have to pay for the new football stadiums. Sigh. However, that's another issue.

Originally Posted by QGG
I also imagine, Dr. Onasi, that you earned a decent wage at your jobs while as a student - doctors generally do pretty well financially. Did the taxes you paid to the state gov ruin your chance of getting a new Cayenne.
Uh, no. You can't work as a doctor until you've a. graduated doctor school, b. passed national boards and any state requirements, and c. received your license from the state.

I worked as a hospital secretary off campus while in school, and on campus in the college infirmary and chemistry department. I have cleaned toilets, wiped up barf, picked pickles off the McDonald's pictures, and handed out more fries than I know. I worked as a hotel housekeeper, at a local fabric store, and at McDonald's and other fast food places, too. While I did my short stint at nursing school before deciding to go the doctor route, I had a 6 week period where I had no income until my first paycheck as a hospital secretary came in and no money left because I had to buy textbooks. I lived on ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches, or just plain nothing, for 6 weeks until I got that first paycheck.

I'm paying off my student loans for the next 20 years of a 30 year loan. I drive an 11 year old minivan with 110,000 miles on it that we bought used a few years ago after an uninsured driver ran into our 8 year old minivan. Our other car is a 7 year old Civic with 190,000 miles on it. You probably have a better car than I do because you don't have to pay high taxes in your new state.

Originally Posted by QGG
Forgive me for not crying about your tax punishment. You made a good choice, got a good education, and now likely make a great living. These are all good things; why the bitterness towards the 90% that make beans compared to the Doctors lawyers and Captains of Industry of the world? Perspective....
Because I'm tired of people assuming that because I make more than minimum wage, I should be funding their butts to the hilt for them. I accept that I'm going to pay more in taxes. When Obama talked about universal healthcare, I wasn't an idiot about it. I knew it was going to hit me a lot harder in taxes than a lot of others. I voted for him anyway knowing that because I think the concept is worth that much. However, when it's at the point where it costs me more at the end of the year to work full time than it does part time because the obscenely higher taxes and daycare expenses chew up that much more of my pay, there's something seriously wrong with the tax system here.

Originally Posted by QGG
Since when is teaching 7th-12th graders a cushy job? Or protecting the citizenry from fire or foes? You are talking about the bus drivers again, and extrapolating that to all state unionized employees. That is quite an unfair bias you have there!
Let's see. Police and Fire were specifically excluded from Walker's plan so you can't include them. Most of the people complaining are teachers. You spend 7 hours (less including lunch and the times when they're in gym, art, music, etc) with 25 13-to18-year-olds. You speak to them. Theoretically you help them learn. You review pieces of paper they turn in. You work 180 days of the 365 day year. You get all weekends off, summers off, never have to work major holidays, and you're done at 3pm or whenever school lets out. Pretty decent job to me, unless it's inner-city Chicago, but Chicago isn't in WI so that doesn't count. Other state workers? They get 4 weeks off, pay and benefits that exceed their private sector counterparts, never work weekends unless their in jobs that require 24 hour coverage, never work holidays, and don't even have to practice good customer service, although to their credit a number of them do try.

Even my job has more risk--I can pick up a lot of annoying communicable diseases and a few deadly diseases if I don't protect myself correctly. I work weekends and holidays. And yes, I've actually had to step in and break up a couple fights in my office when we had a couple of whacked out patients go beserk. Those have been the only times when I thought I'd have to use my taekwondo skills for real while waiting for the police to arrive. >.<

Guess what? That bus driver made 3 times more than I did that one year by screwing over the system. Yeah, my degree has taken me really far in today's economy.

Originally Posted by QGG
I agree that WI has some serious abuse in their systems, it is not unnoticed around the country, and I have known for years that the taxes paid in WI are exceedingly high. All the more reason for regulation and oversight, not for cutting off an arbitrators head arbitrarily. Yes, regulation and oversight means "big" government, a term I am growing more and more sick of. You want people to protect you and yours? That is big government.
Well, no one's been willing to address the problem so far. While Walker's plan is exceedingly heavy handed, I give him kudos for at least trying to solve the problem. Doyle didn't have the guts to do it because the unions had him paid off so much he couldn't even if he wanted to. I voted for Doyle, and by the end of his term I was so disgusted by his utter inaction on major problems affecting our state gov't I could hardly stand reading the news anymore.

Originally Posted by QGG
I don't watch the news much anymore, I listen on talk radio, as most people know it has a generally high right-bias. They talked about the great number of protesters as well... could be sensationalist journalism, or maybe it was just the facts of the matter.
I was listening to Milwaukee talk radio on several channels and watching the coverage. I guarantee you the radio stations didn't talk about a 'few dozen' protesters. They talked about thousands. It was a fascinating study in the differences between TV and radio coverage and who/how/what they covered, but that's another issue.

Originally Posted by QGG
You cannot have it both ways. Those "(im)mature and (dis)honorable people have put their life on the line for the people of the state many times over. Now they are getting hosed royally, especially in light of their significant help in getting Walker elected, likely thinking there would be a benefit to it. That is politics. So is striking when you are getting screwed.
I sure as heck can. Walker was elected into that position. He was doing what the people elected him to do. Would I go glue doors shut in the capital if a Democrat OR a Republican was doing something I didn't like? Heck, no. I'm more mature and honorable than that. I'm not going to break into the damn building and walk all over someone's desk to go protest. I'd work on the next election campaign to find someone I thought was better for the job.

And police abandoning their posts? ZERO excuse for that. They are required to be on the job and protect ALL people, whether or not they agree with them philosophically. I have to treat people whether or not I agree with them politically or philosophically. If the police walked off the job and left one single person unprotected because they didn't like what Walker did, (especially since Walker left police OUT of the union changes!), then every single one of those officers should be FIRED. IMMEDIATELY.
Originally Posted by QGG
I find it interesting that no one has quoted or responded to my last post. Perhaps it is because the tone was a little angry or defensive;
This. There's no point in answering venting comments.

Originally Posted by QGG
Because it is so much HARDER in the REAL world . There is just one world, there are jobs in both sectors that are great and that suck. What exactly are you trying to say?
So, if that's the case, then why aren't public sector employees in WI paying ANYTHING into their pensions and healthcare, like private sector employees are? Why aren't they even WILLING to address the blatant abuses?

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