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WHAT is a smartphone?

I don't like cellphones. Period. I only got one from NET10 once b/c of emergencies. When you have inconsiderate people that call you at all hours it tends to piss you off. Or people you don't want to be in contact with you 24/7. I let it die and good riddance.

I hear all about how a company requires it of you. It's only really because they want to continue to make you work UNCOMPENSATED while at home.

You're getting all hot and bothered at 11:30PM on a friday and about to get jiggy with your current squeeze, then you suddenly get that dreaded ring/text from your employer "I'm going to need you to do this, that and the other thing, and have that all that done tonight before you come in early tomorrow, mmkay? Yeah that would be great."

It's like "WTF is this crap?" straight out of an "Office Space" nightmare on meth and steroids.
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