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Somethings i hate about Critics

No offence to the people that are critics but i have read some of the bad stuff said about TFU and TFU 2 and i have to say i have played both games and i enjoy them no matter what is said. i mean Critics makes it sound like you should not buy the games and stuff like that i mean to be honest its the players choice to play the games. The Dark Side versions of the expansions to both Force Unleashed games are what ifs all they are, are alternate reality of the star wars universe. in the first game you kill darth vader and become the Emperor's assassin and you have to stop the rebel allience. in the second game you are the clone of starkiller doin darth vader's bidding who later gets betrayed by the Emperor after you kill Leia. Yea i have to admit that Han and Chewy die but thats the beauty of the alternate universe of Star Wars say what you want, i think the Force Unleashed 2 was made to be more like a movie of a game then a game i cant say i miss the after mission report even though the first game was good in my opinion but that after mission report was a tad bit annoying made me feel like i was taking small breaks. only thing i see glitch wise in TFU 2 is the no saber activation noise after you switch from the red crystal and from the dark side expansion the annoying saber tail from an unactive saber after killing han and chewy. other then this in my opinion i see nothing wrong with any of the The Force Unleashed games at all just wish the next mission and skin pack comes out soon. to me critics give a good game bad reputation before it is played by the players, yea ive seen some bad games that deserve the bad credit but critics say were good games.

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