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"Tategami is currently within the Land of Tea conducting a mission. Though I just received word yesterday that he'll be returning ASAP to brief me on his overall mission status and results."

Karela sighed in relief. When she hadn't seen the Jonin she had assumed the worst. It was good to know that Tategami was alright.

"Though they have just started giving him assignments for practical assesment."

"Thanks you for informing me on Kaneda's progress Hokage. I think that I'll send him a letter informing him of the current situation."

Karela waved at the Hokage before turning around and leaving the room seeing Takeda in the hall she stopped for a moment. She stared coldly at him. "For the record Takeda, I didn't expect you to act that way in front of the Hokage. And I always thought that you were one of the most gifted among us."

She then turned and walked out of the building heading for where the birds were located. After a short walk she arrived at the building and looked over the birds when she saw one with a message attached to it's leg. A message for her.

She smiled brightly as she looked over the letter and raised her hand up into the air and let out a cheer.

Kaneda is finally coming back!
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