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I have little experience with French civilians, but their military does not deserve a reputation of cowardice. Quite the opposite in fact.

Gaddafi deserves to be gone, but it'll probably take boots on the ground to remove him fully. Glad the US isn't supplying them though, we'd just get blamed for any problems. Again. Of course, people will complain now (maybe not here, but IRL), saying the US should send troops. We can't win with some people.

Also... it's only ok to topple a dictator who's slaughtering his people once an internal rebellion has been launched? If people are dying without a fight, it's wrong to help them? Trying hard here to see how the UN sees this as any different from Iraq.

N.B: I was actually against the war in Iraq starting (though once it started, fully in favor of following through and finishing it), for the following reasons:
A: We were already in A-stan (why add another front?)
B: It would make everyone expect us to eliminate dictators they should get rid of themselves, and blame us if it didn't go as planned.
C: The average US citizen now lacks the necessary grit to get the country through a double (perhaps even single) war, despite the fact that it affects their daily lives less than any previous war in our history. Sadly those of us who are actually directly involved in the war are easily drowned out by the whining of the masses.

Apologies if this came off a bit rant-ish, I'm recovering from surgery, and lack of physical activity has turned me more irritable than usual.

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