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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
The motherboard?

I just had a chance to look at them and, while I'm sure either one would be great, I'd pick the Deluxe model because the extra PCIE x4 slot offers a little better expandability.

I do kind of like the armor plating and funky, military-esque color scheme of the Sabertooth, though. Novel, in a masculine sort of way.
I've read good things about both of them. I ended up choosing the Deluxe for the same reason you mention: it has more options...but I like the Sabertooth and its sturdy looks Also, from a practical point of view, in addition to the thermal thing, the Sabertooth looks less like a dust collector.

I also threw in a decent sound card and replaced the hard drive by a 1T (I'll get the external drive later).

I should be able to pick this new baby up at the end of the week. The only thing that worries me is climbing four stories with the damn case: it is awfully heavy and the whole thing will weight about 55-60 pounds when full...but me and my back are just whining here, which is even more unjustifiable as the new machine is an advance bd-xmas 2011 gift (I am a very spoiled "grownup" child).
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