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I have one but I use it mainly for business: it makes the briefcase much lighter. It's also practical when you need to get a specific info during a meeting.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity
I hear all about how a company requires it of you. It's only really because they want to continue to make you work UNCOMPENSATED while at home.

You're getting all hot and bothered at 11:30PM on a friday and about to get jiggy with your current squeeze, then you suddenly get that dreaded ring/text from your employer "I'm going to need you to do this, that and the other thing, and have that all that done tonight before you come in early tomorrow, mmkay? Yeah that would be great."
Just leave it in the car (not your current squeeze, the phone ) and pretend the battery had to be recharged...all this while you "recharge" (or discharge) yours else elsewhere...

Anyway, I still prefer to be uncompensated at home than at the office: this tool allows me to leave the office at "human" time (there is no compensation for professionals here). I still do the car trick though...especially since I have to pay for the plan.
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