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I forgot that you have a shop assemble it for you after you've bought the parts.

Are they installing Windows for you, too? If so, make sure that they install the RAID (definitely) and AHCI (perhaps) drivers for your particular motherboard. Windows 7 has its own AHCI drivers and usually all you have to do is set the SATA ports to AHCI in the BIOS before installing Windows and they'll install on their own, but sometimes motherboard manufacturers supply their own and those will be the ones that you'll want to use. AHCI is essential for Windows 7 to issue the wear-leveling maintenance commands known as TRIM to your SSD.

RAID drivers are a different story, because Windows does not have those built-in. Even if you don't plan on using a RAID now, its' a good idea to install them because you might want to later, and if they are not installed prior to installing Windows (I'm pretty sure it's right after partition creation and format), you won't be able to install them afterward, and you'll have to completely reinstall Windows if you want to use a RAID array. You might be able to install them afterward using disk imaging software like Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image, but I've never tried it myself, and this will save you the trouble of having to do something like that. You'll usually need to install a different RAID driver for every drive controller on your motherboard that's capable of RAID, as modern motherboards usually have several different drive controllers (mine has 4). If you never end up using a RAID array in your computer, then it won't matter, but if you do you'll be glad that the drivers were installed.

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