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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post

Are they installing Windows for you, too? If so, make sure that they install the RAID (definitely) and AHCI (perhaps) drivers for your particular motherboard. Windows 7 has its own AHCI drivers and usually all you have to do is set the SATA ports to AHCI in the BIOS before installing Windows and they'll install on their own, but sometimes motherboard manufacturers supply their own and those will be the ones that you'll want to use. AHCI is essential for Windows 7 to issue the wear-leveling maintenance commands known as TRIM to your SSD.
I've read about it and e-mailed them too (along with a few more requests such as ensuring that the HDD is placed in the bottom tray to maximize ventilation near the parts that do produce a lot of heat). If it were any other shop, I'd build the PC myself but the past jobs they did at that place were good and cheap: no "italian spaghetti" job with the cables, they'll use the thermal paste you mention in a proper way, install the useful stuff but no more, and they'll do the extras you ask them.
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