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Takeda continued walking down the hall, until he heard a noise outside. He looked out a window, but only saw some children playing. He sighed a little as he continued to watch them play. He rarely got to play when he was that age. It was always training and helping others, it was practically all he knew.

Things were happening too quickly for him. He was still dealing with be left by everyone he knew, and now they were coming back. Speaking to him like they had never left...but it had been a whole year. Why hadn't he left the village as well? Why did he choose to stay?

"For the record Takeda, I didn't expect you to act that way in front of the Hokage. And I always thought that you were one of the most gifted among us."

He turned around once he heard Karela. They way she stared at him...he had seen that look before. He clenched his fists as she walked away.

"Don't patronize me," he said, mostly to himself.

He turned and left the building as well. He jumped up on the nearest roof and proceeded to jump to the next one. He kept moving until he reached the trees, still refusing to stop. He moved from tree to tree, until he found a nice spot in the forest. He jumped down and tossed his hat and robes away.

He did what he usually did when he had time...he trained. He was much more aggressive in this training session however. He was going through a lot currently, and needed to hit these trees to calm down. If that didn't work...than he'd do what he proposed earlier. He'd go back to Akagi's village and stick with his plan.
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