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better start preparing for Kaneda's epic return

Name: Kaneda Yamagato
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Rank: Kenjustu Apprentice, Chuunin
Personality: Laid-back yet Intelligent
Weapons: Ceremonial Katana, Utility Belt
Nature Type: Lightning, Wind and Plasma
- Shadow Immitation Technique
- Shadow Sewing Technique
- Lightning Release: Shadow Torment
- Kusanagi Sword: Chidori Katana
- Beast Wave Palm
- Wind Release: Katana Wave (Similar to Beast Wave technique: the user summons wind chakra through his blade and swipes a slicing chakra wave)
- Wind Release: Wind Blade (The User infuses wind Chakra through his bladed weapon, enhancing its Speed and Power)
- Plasma Release: Ion Blade (Instead of Wind Chakra, Kaneda infuses his blade with the created Plasma)
- Wind Release: Flying Katana Storm (An upgraded version of Kaneda's Flying Kunai Storm Attack: instead of using his hands, he uses his katana blade to summon the chakra ring, which fires several spear-like projectiles down onto the opponent(s))
- Werebeast Form
- Ascended Beast Form (Due to Naruto's offering of his bijuu blood during the final battle of the Arashi Incident, Kaneda no longer needs to feed upon others chakra, nor use his Yin Seal which was removed, to enhance his stats and abilities. Though technically labelled as an artificial Jinchuuriki, its not as powerful and effective as Naruto's original full powered nine-tailed beast forms. Kaneda can choose to either fight in the Default Werebeast Form, or upgrade to Ascended if things get extremely difficult.)
Background: For the past year, Kaneda had spent his time learning and training at the Masurao Kenjustu Academy. He had given up most of his old techniques in favour of newly sword-based ones. Since the epic battle the previous year, Kaneda has been going under some therapy, due to harbouring a part of the nine-tailed spirit from Naruto - at times he finds it difficult to cope psycologically with another spirit lurking inside of him. He has been sent back to Konoha to assist with the investigation of the new threat; gladly giving him the chance of a reunion with his long lost friends.

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