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Love my phone (iPhone). I use it for everything. Mostly for work.. but I admit there is a copy of Angry Birds and Facebook on it

Take it, rather than a notebook, to all of my creative meetings. All notes of upcoming projects are with me at all times since (like D3) I'd rather be uncompensated at home rather than chained to my edit suite. Plus.. all of the kewl tools are at my house.. hehehe. Having the project notes with me 24/7 is great. Being linked with a Dropbox server at work and home allows me to take my clips everywhere I go.

Have a few apps for Final Cut as well which has been a godsend. Have an app for doing rough cuts, papercuts and storyboards. Have apps for some photo and still work as well. A great convenience for me and my line of work. Beats having to trudge over to my desktops just to spit out a 30sec rough cut. Plus I can stream the stuff wirelessly using airplay to our huge-gantic displays.

Granted, I'm a mac guy, and my home & workplace is mac oriented.. so the iPhone was an excellent choice for me. I have friends with Droids and Blackberries and some of the stuff they can do is astounding as well. So no matter what your niche is.. smartphones offer much more than tetris & bejeweled nowadays.. hehe

Love mine.

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