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I was never especially lucky with Pazaak either.

Actually that gives me an idea for a mod. (Assuming I get the free time required for me to be willing to spend it on something so relatively insignificant, in a game I'm not going to play again for at least a year, that it's doubtful anyone but me would want.) Perhaps something along the lines of being able to, after a loss, accuse the other player of cheating, kill/beat them into unconsciousness for some DS points, and loot back the money you lost, in addition to a sum that depends on the difficulty of that specific pazaak player (iirc, the pazaak players had different skill levels, right?) Perhaps only in more disreputable or unmonitored areas. (For instance, killing/mugging someone on Upper City Taris or Manaan would certainly lead to arrest, so it wouldn't be an option, since I doubt I'd have the patience to code in a whole arrest scene... though that could be a good lead-in for a larger quest... and there I am getting sidetracked thinking of projects I really don't have time for ARRGGH)

Anyway yeah, the cards treat me badly. Luckily by killing droves of evil minions, stripping their corpses naked of anything worth half a credit, and selling it all to the nearest store-owner, even if he's just a barman, I've accumulated enough blood money by mid-game to buy a small planet.

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