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Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post
Just leave it in the car (not your current squeeze, the phone ) and pretend the battery had to be recharged
That would not have flew. But I was looking for the reason/excuse to not come back.
...all this while you "recharge" (or discharge) yours else elsewhere...
Hmm? What are you implying D3?

EDIT: I hope saber isn't jealous!

Anyway, I still prefer to be uncompensated at home than at the office: this tool allows me to leave the office at "human" time (there is no compensation for professionals here). I still do the car trick though...especially since I have to pay for the plan.
Maybe now I might agree being somewhat self employed.

I was sort of framing it in a past job but in a now sitch. Back then I wasn't on my own time unfortunately. It was just the boss' way of avoiding paying his workers overtime while still tightening the noose. So I left instead when the cyclical seasonal period ended in cutbacks.

Still, I won't get a smartphone. Gives the outside world too much access.

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