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Almost as if Tonatius heard her thoughts, he said, "There is no doubt. Trust your element." The swirling water rose in a defensive column then it changed into a spiraling column in front of him and held it. "The water defense column can take many forms. You have learned the basic. Oftentimes when the going gets tough, simple is better."

"That is unless you know you'll get your tail kicked," Taryn muttered. He began playing with the water and created shapes to amuse himself while practicing attack maneuvers.

Tonatius shook his head. He said to Andorra, "Remember you have your lifemate with you. Teamwork often works. We'll try a simple exercise. You will be defense, and I will be offense and Taryn will attack us. Just remember what you have learned and let water help you. You ready?"


Jun-la swore in Avalonian when she heard the report. It was unusual for here, at least according to Andros. He replied, "Officer Koral, do you require assistance or escort to the space station for repairs?"


Tavaryn felt his cheeks grow hot as he entered the ship's medbay. He had never been that impulsive before and was sure that he had violated her space for good. He had been tempting fate ever since he saw her again. They had to talk but later.

He unzipped his jacket and tossed it on the biobed. He did the same with his shirt. He let out a slight hiss as the torn fabric around the hole in his shoulder tore away. He peered at the wound relieved that it had stopped bleeding but it looked like it might scar a bit. The worst part would be cleaning it off. He gritted his teeth as he cleaned it, pulling away bits of cloth to prevent infection. It hurt enough for him to give a hard kick against the wall while he dabbed it with warm water. He could just imagine what his back looked like with all the bruises.

"Sithspit!" Tavaryn let out as he dabbed it with the disinfectant he kept knowing full well how bad it stung. It was loud enough to be heard throughout the ship but his men knew better than to poke an inquiring mind. He held it on his shoulder and just flopped his top half on the biobed.

Tariq had been looking for either Tavaryn or Alriana to inform them that they were waiting for landing coordinates when he heard the clang and the expletive. It was rare to hear that kind of talk from his surperior. He spotted the Jedi and knowing that there was a connection between them, approached her and said, "Master Jedi, perhaps LiT could use some assistance with a field dressing."

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