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Jun-la looked at her padawan gratefully and responded, "Any info will be most welcome. The station bordering our system should be able to help with repairs. From there it is a quick shuttle flight to Avalon. We'll provide escort."

Andros made the course correction for the Ebon Hawk. He said, "Master, it is strange that the Sith have chosen to attack now."

"Most enemies don't adhere to other sentients' schedules. Of course there is a reason. We just have to find it. First, we need to get the Ackbar to the station. I think your father has things covered on the ground."

Andros nodded in affirmation. Out of the blue he asked, "You think Aunt Alkea would have loved the fight?"


Tavaryn was staring facedown on a biobed and he scowled at it. He stood up to take a look at the soaked pad and his shoulder. There was blood on it and upon examining the wound he scowled. The disinfectant was bad enough but the herbs were worse.

"Tavaryn? Do you need any help?"

Tavaryn stiffened for a moment but then berated himself. He would need a hand with the bandage eventually. He replied, "Please."

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