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"I'll go get them." Kalla replied, stepping out of the tent. Spotting Tonatius and Taryn helping Andorra practice Water Bending. "Come on, we have to move out." She called out to them.

After they were packed up, Kalla approached Tonatius. "There's something I'd like to talk to you about. I've been thinking about your promise mark, and what it represents, and I've decided I should have one for you." She told him.

"Understood. Coordinates are locked in." Iyav sent back, aiming the Eagle in the general direction of the keep.


Recognising that this intruder held no love for the Jedi or the Republic, Inferna decided to break off weapons lock, and hailed him again.

"Very well. Come aboard, and Lord Pestilus will speak with you when he is available."

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