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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
As has been mentioned before, this is neither US-led nor an invasion
But we are #1 Overlord of the West?!?! No other countries get involved in the affairs of other nations right?!

Originally Posted by Working Class Hero View Post
Good point. I suppose this is just shelling practice for our troops...can't get rusty, they must be ready to blow up the next nation for
Though generally even a relatively unfriendly stable nation is easier to trade with than an unstable one... 'War for Oil' is a silly concept. Nations have ulterior motives for humanitarian intervention (they'd be fools not to), but they're a bit more complex than that.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Hey, their fencers have some of the best techniques. Right up there with portugese, spaniards, italians, and germans. Besides, Andre the Giant was born in the french alps. There would not have been a Hulk Hogan nor a Vince McMahon if there hadn't been an Andre the Giant.

Besides we both know a certain lady who speaks french, though she speaks English to us.
I wasn't casting any doubt on the bravery of French civilians, merely stating that I don't know enough of them to make a judgement. I've met French soldiers that are among the bravest men I've ever met.

French Canadians, such as the lady in question, are cool in my book. Any culture that has the vision to invent the combination of fries, cheese curds, and gravy is one worthy of respect.

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