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The real question is why don't Star Wars characters use bullet-based weapons? They have the tech to do all of this:
Eliminate weight concerns and recoil almost entirely.
Create practical caseless rounds.
Scopes that auto-compensate for bullet drop, wind, time-to-target, etc.
And solve most of the problems that modern firearms face.

The main advantage of energy weapons is near-instantaneous time-to-target. However, SW blasters clearly don't have that advantage. In fact, we can see from the films that blaster bolts move slowly compared to bullets. The rate of fire of all blasters seen in the films and games is also lower than that of even our current projectile weapons. Also, a blaster shot, if not immediately deadly, would create a far cleaner wound than a bullet, lowering the chances of an opponent dying from blood loss etc. So why don't they use bullets? (SW armor clearly doesn't stop projectiles, see: Ewok spears)

The answer is of course that bullets aren't 'space opera' enough, but hey, I love a good nitpick.

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