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@ astor/saber: So essentially what you're saying is once a predator/wifebeater, always a predator/wifebeater?

Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post

I wasn't casting any doubt on the bravery of French civilians, merely stating that I don't know enough of them to make a judgement. I've met French soldiers that are among the bravest men I've ever met.
I was actually agreeing with you.

French Canadians, such as the lady in question, are cool in my book. Any culture that has the vision to invent the combination of fries, cheese curds, and gravy is one worthy of respect.
I would have settled for french toast, and maybe a link to Heywood Banks' "Yeah Toast!" song. ...and maybe their maids, hookers, and lingerie too...Which Saber doesn't seem to want to share anymore...

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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