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Originally Posted by Drunkside View Post
You have no idea how good 40-year old soviet tech is if you think they are not usable. Their strenght lies in the ruggedness of the engineering, most of the soviet weapon technology is pretty much unbreakable, AK:s never get jammed for instance, whereas modern western assault rifles are like delicate flowers... Of death. Dont response with "we havez missiles", as everyone here understands, the actual fighting happens on the ground in this situation.

Damn im an idiot for taking part in a Kavar┤s thread once again...
Usable, yes. Effective against more advanced weapons, not do much. We have weapons that are more accurate over a longer distance. But I understand that less advanced weaponry can overcome high tech. I mean the US tanks were not anywhere near the level of German tanks during WWII. But then we had the advantage of having a whole lot of them.

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