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Well i can answer this when he was blinded he did lose his connection to the force for awhile it is possible for that to happen. so over time he regained his connection to the force hence his actions is TFU 2 because in the book shadows of the empire it is mentioned that a black man with a missing hand helps luke build a new lightsaber but thats the only thing the man remembers how to do but has no connection to the force makes you wonder who that was, but that was at the end of the book. but besides that Kota knew who starkiller was the whole time in TFU 1 because of what he said to Juno on the light side ending was the only time when he had the force back until TFU 2. so yea Kota could of lost his connection to the force after his fight against starkiller and it took a long time to return.

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