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Caelos replied, "We are heading to the keep at Stone Bend. Your mother is there coordinating with warriors. We must bring word of Lord Tristian." He then swung up on one of the stallions, barebacked.

Not resisting a challenge, Taryn and Tonatius swung up on the same manner. As it turned out, there were not enough for everyone to have their own. Tonatius extended his arm out to Kalla to help her get up behind him. He said in a teasing manner, "I don't bite moi chroi."

Taryn said to Andorra, "No harm done cousin. Battle can put anyone on edge. Saddle up and show your bride what you can do on a stallion."

The last remaining stallion Caelos designated to Jareth. He said, "You shadow member of the Republic. That one is yours. We must fly now." He then turned his beast around and started heading down the dirt road.

"Yes," Taryn replied as he took off after him.


Jun-la read the data that the Ackbar had sent. She commed back as the station came in sight, "You think you can send this to the Republic fleet and Admiral Belina?"

((I've been waiting for a response to Haruka's questions. I thought Alkonium was the captain of the Katarn))

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