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((its only been a like... half a page since you posted lol. The characters and the Samurai have returned to the Konoha, Karela got a letter from Kaneda and Takeda is going through some tantrums. Oh, and Chev? If its okay, I might to do a time skip exclusively in my post to the next day. That way incase people need to catch up in the present or finish something... or we could just play along with it haha))

The Next Day

He could feel the rushing wind breezing on his face as he leaped from tree-to-tree within the forest. Luckily he carried light - only his small backpack, ceremonial katana and basic ninja equipment were with him.

"Kaneda-kun" Ryuu called from behind. "There's honestly no need to rush - we are not that far now."

He couldn't help it. Kaneda had looked forward to returning back to his home village, catching up with familiars. Takeda, Asuka, Yoroi, Akagi... Tategami as well. And Karela. Its been a while since he saw those faces. There was a lot to catch up on.

Ryuu and Kaneda finally made it to the edge of the forest. The great gates of Konoha stood infront of them. Kaneda took a deep breath. Ryuu walked beside him.

"Nervous?" Ryuu enquired.

"Very!" was all Kaneda could bring up.
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