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so you are saying that energy based projectiles such as a blaster bolt, a beam of energy, with no physical presence, only as a beam of energy, with no affect by wind, ballistics and physical drag, travel slower than a bullet?

A bullet is a physical piece of material, it is affected by gravity to a huge degree, it is affected by every possible environmental variable that exists, from, wind, to humidity, to temperature of the air around it, to the density of the air around it. a bullet is also wieghed down by the fact that it is a physical piece of matter. It can only go so fast before the stress on the projectile become so great, that it rips itself apart.

A bullet is not faster than an energy based projectile. Furthermore, as a piece of material, not energy, it is possible for a force user to stop, deflect, or destroy a bullet mid flight using the force alone.

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