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These have existed in the star wars universe. Wookieepedia the VERPINE SNIPER RIFLE. it is essentially a rail gun, using a line of electro-magnets, firing a magnetic projectile, with not powder or combustion, no recoil, and in the Republic Commando Triple Zero book, there is an adjustable scope.

Second Aura Sing uses a auto-compensating scope in her signature Adventurer slugthrower rifle.
There are projectile weapons in the Star Wars universe, the ballistics of the Star Wars blasters isn't a well known thing. It would be interesting to know the ins and outs of a blaster, but as far was right now goes, there is no technical data on why the blaster bolts are as slow as they appear to be, instead of the speed of light, which is teoretically how fast an energy projectile weapon should be.

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