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"Admiral Belina was on the surface of Avalon. With the enemy ships gone, comm frequencies should be clear. Hail again."

Koral opened a comnlink to the surface. "Admiral Belina...this is science officer Koral. As of now the second wave of troops should be landing on Avalon's surface within minutes, do you have any orders?"

Belina's voice came back over the comn. "Have them land at the following coordinates and tell them to be ready." Belina gave off a quick series of coordinates and koral nodded as a second transmission came in.

"Katarn to Ackbar, do you read?"

Koral answered back. "Katarn...this is the Ackbar What is your status? Were you damaged by the enemy ships?"

"Only if the company is pleasant."

"I was thinking the same thing. I was actually thinking about exploring Avalon when we first entered the system. This was before the attack. If I get permission to...I was wondering if you would like to join me."
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