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Tariq was puzzled at the name but orders were orders. "Roger that Ackbar. Heading there now." He adjusted the ship's heading to the location.

It was a sight to behold. It was a stone structure that was imposing, like a castle. There were other ships that had landed including the ship of that Mandalorian Avalonian that he met. Though he felt a bit disappointed in that there seemed so few. He glided the ship down and looked for a place to land.


"Negative Katarn. We're about to dock with a station for repairs. As for the troops...begin sending them down as quickly as you can. I think they are needed at a place known as stone bend. I could be wrong though."

Haruka grinned and replied, "You are correct Ackbar. It is a stronghold and gathering point. We'll send ground troops there now. Welcome back."

Haruka was grinning widely that Stone Bend was still standing. He got together a bunch of troops and ordered them to be ready to drop to the location. He informed the captain, "Sir, Ackbar reports secure at dock and ground troops are ready for drop. Do I have your orders to proceed?"


what does the word moi chroi mean? I hope you don't take offense to me not knowing what it means.

"No offense at all," Tavaryn replied, "I often forget that not every sentient knows of the language of the three rivers." He thought for a moment how to explain to her what the word meant and that when it was spoken, it was from the heart. Deciding to grab the kataran bull by the horns, he explained, "The word moi chroi is an endearment and means, literally, 'my heart' and is only spoken if it is truly meant for it comes from the heart." He watched her to see her reaction.


Lady Governor Starlighter smiled and hugged Selene with the same vigor as she gave her. She introduced her to Admiral Belina, "Admiral, this is Selene Ordo and she leads the clans on Amshrey. She will supply weapons arms, and troops for the assault."

"You have a good tactician on the Ackbar Admiral. Good head and the ship's in good shape from the space attack," Selene reported, not one to mince words. "Well I'll go report in and if you see that Shinigami, send him my way." She smiled and turned to leave and join her men and some of the Bushida warriors who were arming themselves.

"Always was blunt," the governor explained. She then saw something in the distance coming towards the keep. She peered and could make out stallions heading their way. She recognized two of them clearly and excused herself to run out to greet them.

Caelos was the first to greet as he jumped down just before the stallion came to a halt. "My Lady. Lord Tristan sent us ahead to inform you that they are coming."

"Good. Arm yourself young one and prepare for battle." The governor then turned her attention to her daughter and daughter-in law. "Lenatha, Andorra, I am glad that you both are alright. Where are your cousins?"

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