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"Roger that sir. Do you wish for me to go as well?" Haruka asked. It was a long shot but if the Ackbar had sent troops, more likely Tavaryn would be on the surface. He much would like to see him again as well as his Jedi companion. He held his breath as he issued the command codes for the troops to drop to the surface.


"I'm sorry...Tavaryn...for taking so long to understand my feelings."

Tavaryn looked at her hand gripping his. Her touch was gentle as was her voice. He tried to look at her in the face but her head was bowed. Using his other hand, he gently gripped her chin between his first finger and thumb and lifted her head so she could look at him. He replied gently, "You have nothing to be sorry for. You asked for time and space and I was willing to give it to you. I didn't want you to hurt anymore. I would rather be hurt than you, moi chroi."

All hands, we are coming in for landing.

Tavaryn heard the comm and inwardly sighed. So much to say and yet duty above all else. He gently rubbed her chin as if to erase his touch, remembering how she reacted when he first touched her that way. It had hurt then and he felt like an idiot for not seeing it before and he still regretted it. He still harbored the nasty little thought that he was the cause of her needing to be on her own and for her remembering past hurts. He stopped rubbing her chin and with gentleness he gave her a chaste kiss on her forehead and said softly, "Don't be sorry moi chroi. We can talk later."

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