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Dark Age of the Republic

Chaos reigns in the galaxy. A hundred years of warfare have reduced the Republic to a shattered remnant of it's former glory, with the galaxy broken into a collection of fragmented system-states, controlled by various governors and lords. The Republic Holonet, the only means of reliable communication across the galaxy, has been all but disabled, with only a handful of communication hubs still operational outside of the Core Regions where the Republic still rules in fact as well as name.

All across this shattered galaxy terror reigns with the remains of the Sith Empire continuing their depredations, it's cruelty aided by the rise of dozens of petty dictators and hundreds of bands of raiders.

To further worsen the situation, without the Republic Holonet to provide information and the breakdown of governments, Hyperspace routes have become unreliable - some being disrupted by shifting gravity wells or dust clouds, others being interdicted by tin-pot dictators.

And to make things worse, the enigmatic Sith Lord who has driven the Republic to this point remains unaccounted for.

The Republic is too crippled by internal struggles and economic collapse to even attempt reclaiming their territory beyond the Core. The only hope for a reunification of the Galaxy lies in the Jedi Order. They have begun dispatching units of Jedi into the galaxy to reopen the major hyperspace routes and track down what remains of the Sith.

One unit of Jedi has been sent down the Perlemian Trade Route toward Sith-occupied space. This is their story.

* * *

Welcome to Dark Age of the Republic. I hope you're intrigued by the concept - not entirely my idea, just making some modifications. At any rate, the character sheet.






Rank: (Knight or Padawan. The only Masters still part of the Core Jedi are the Council.)



Personal History: (Optional)

The group have been allocated an ancient freighter. To all appearances, it looks the same as any other rustbucket in the galaxy. And it pretty much is, with the exception of a small sensor-shielded case, intended for use holding the Jedi's lightsabers and other sensitive possessions, as the Jedi are expected to require some degree of subterfuge.

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