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"Roger that sir. Do you wish for me to go as well?"

"I want you to lead the troops down there actually. Once your down there I want you to report to whoever is in charge of the Ackbar's troops and await further orders from them."

"Don't be sorry moi chroi. We can talk later."

Alriana smiled at Tavaryn as the dropship finally hit the ground and the hatch opened and the troops began pouring out. Alriana smiled at Tavaryn again. "Don't worry Tavaryn, I'm sure that both of us will come out of this more or less unharmed. I'm going to look for Admiral Belina and Admiral Garja and report to them."

She quickly ran out and began searching for the Admirals. After a very short search she saw them. She quickly ran over to them.

"Admiral Belina and Admiral Garja. Security/Tactical officer Alriana reporting in. The Ackbar is currently docked at a station near the edge of the Avalon system and is currently undergoing repairs. What are your orders ma'am?"

"Report to Lady Selene Ordo. I believe that she'll have orders for you and the troops."
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