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What are the real limits for these npc and saber fields?

Before we start, I have read many saber file and npc file readme's and FAQ's

and have manipulated various files 9000 ways from Sunday over the years.

One thing has always baffled me, why can no-one agree on the limits of many of the fields contained within these files?

Through extensive trial and error over the years, I still am not entirely sure
What are the actual Parameter Limits for the various fields are myself.

(in Npc Files)
do force power limits, as well as the offense and defense powers range from 0-5, 0-7, 0-10 (there are too many differing thoughts on this) or is it just 0-3 except 4 for mind trick of course.
(seems to me any number above 3 just defaults to 3, is this true?)

Now onto saber files

breakparrybonus 0-3 ???
parrybonus 0-3???
disarmbonus 0-3???
lockbonus 0-3???

do these fields have any effect if made larger than 3, also are only whole numbers usable or can do they have an affect with numbers containing decimal places (ie is 1.25 more effective than 1 or does it just default to 1)

It does not seem to me to make any difference if i give any of these fields (of the ones i mentioned above) a number greater than 3 (aside from mind trick) as they all appear to be the same result as 3 even if you enter a larger number, perhaps I am not able to notice the difference, but I am just wondering if anyone has proof to the contrary?

There are so many different claims in the community over the years, it would be good to finally have something definitive concerning the value range of the values contained in some of the most commonly edited files.

Hopefully there are people out there that have the un-disputable answers.
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