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"Tell me now. Otherwise, if my apprentice is able to kill you, I will have learned nothing, but it won't come to that, will it?"

"No. It will not come to that." Varith said as he looked over at Darth Inferna before looking back at her master. 'Very well, the three codes that I know of to deactivate the lockdown are: Sierra 37-beta, Katarn 41-alpha and Viren 91- gamma. As soon as I find out what the fourth code is I will glady give it to you."

Varith continued speaking. "Although it may not seem like it, the jedi temple is heavily armored and can most likely resist orbital bombardment from one or two ships."

Varith then turned toward Darth Inferna and smiled as he reignited his lightsaber. "I'm sorry my dear. I believe that it's time for you to die."

"Special Weapons instructor Tavaryn Onashi reporting for duty ma'am. Security officer for the Katarn, reporting in,"

Belina was busy speaking with Garja but she figured she could spar a moment. "As of now, troop deployment is being handled by Lady Selene Ordo. She knows the planet better then we do. I belive shes over there."

"Glad you could join us Jedi. I hope you are ready for some action. How's your Shinigami?"

Alriana looked over at Tavaryn and smiled before tunring back to the Lady Ordo. "He's doing well. He managed to get shot by a sniper but I think I managed to take care of it."

She looked over all the troops and then turned to Lady Ordo. "So tell me..what type of strategy do you have in mind to drive the sith away?"
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