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Selene cast a suspicious eye and whispered, "That was not what I meant." She had smiled as she said it. In a louder voice, she shouted, "Shinigami, you better get over here or I'll drag you here myself."

Tavaryn tried to hide a smile and nodded respectfully at Admiral Belina before jogging over to where Selene was, followed by Haruka and the rest of the troops. He said, "I'm guessing that is why Belina asked you to deploy us."

Selene smirked ate him, "Hah! You and me both know the planet better than most Republics which is why I am having you lead Tristian's calvary. They just arrived and are mustering with Sayrn's men by the river."

Selene then activated a disc and a 3D version of the Jasilyn plains appeared. As she spoke, the figures appeared, "Tiye and Jedi Kaltas are mustering near the hills to protect the way to the Academy. The artillery provided by Tristan will line up at the keep's boundary and will advance. Republic troops will rank and file with Generals Sayrn, Potipheras and Bas-sing-se and advance.

"Tavaryn, I am asking you to risk with my men to be the first to charge in on calvary and foot. Sayrn's own calvary will be in reserve."

Tavaryn studied the battlefield. It was a sound plan. "What about the Handmaidens?"

"They'll be there," Selene replied knowing what he meant. The Handmaidens were the ones who carried out the will of the Force and were known for their devotion to land and its people. The predecessors to the Shinigami if you will.

"Good," Tavaryn replied. He looked at Alriana before saying, "Well conceived plan. I'll take on the calvary charge."

"Good. You, Haruka will march with Sayrn." Selene gave a warning glance to Haruka to prevent him from protesting but he held no ideas about doing that. Instead she saw a will to fight. She then turned towards Alriana, "And you Jedi. Can you ride?"

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