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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by LordDeathRay View Post
Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
I think Sithspecter did it too for some of the weapons in his Ultimate Ranged Mod.
Thank you to both of you for the links. Thanks to these (and some massively helpful advice from the great SithSpecter), I've managed to get the gun firing with a custom muzzleflash and new ammo.

For the sleeveless robe, you could try adjusting the shape of the model, as well as the uvw map.
That's true. The UV map might well need adjusting, since it apparently doesn't map both arms in the same direction, which is fine for a robe, but fo bare skin looks more than a little odd.

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post

The sleeveless robe ala Starkiller is actually quite cool, although I can see the annoyingly misshapen arms you describe... Quite annoying indeed

Glad to see your work continues, regardless of any time-frame!
Wow, thanks! I didn't think anyone would like it.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I've pointed out to Khrizby via e-mail that his input would be appreciated on this subject. Hopefully, he'll be dropping by to "drop some knowledge."
Awesome, thank you!

As Stoney has experience with this very landing platform (with different skins, I'll grant you), he might be able to assist you with creating videos.
True, but Rhen Var is my 'lone wolf' mod. It's a bit silly, but I really want to do this one all on my own.

Regarding skyboxes . . . Fair enough!
Actually, this may have changed a bit, depending on what areas I reskin. I may have one with a big window looking out, now, in which case I will definitely look into improving the skybox and maybe making a custom one. No promises on that, though; it might just end up with the skybox doubled-up, if I can't produce anything satisfactory.

I know it's a break with tradition to update more than once every three months outside of Advent, but I do have updates. Thanks to some massively helpful information from SithSpecter, I can show off the gun with a custom muzzleflash and new ammunition, too!

As you can see, I've also moved the muzzle flash into the chamber of the gun, to try and get a similar effect to the one in Logan's Run. It doesn't look quite the same, but I'm still quite pleased with the effect. The blaster shots are actually just a straightforward copy of the bowcaster's. They're the right colour, so I don't see the point of replacing them with identical, custom ones.

I'm not quite sure if I like the new muzzle-flash position; I might try and make a custom one closer to the green fire in the film. That depends on whether the muzzle flash model will decompile and import into gmax, though, and for now isn't high-priority.

I can also show off working beam-gun-effects! Or effect, anyway:

Again, with many thanks to SithSpecter. That was really just a test, though; the gun will fire green blaster bolts as above. However, I'm now thinking I really should include some beam weapons in the mod, too.

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