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I once considered doing that when I heard about it. I even was going to create individual stances for each one. However I soon discovered that it was for some reason hardcoded into the game. At least that's what I read.

The version Sithspecter has is an old one. I adjusted the attacks so they flow better. Some attacks are modified a little and some a lot. There was an issue where the twin sabers clipped through the body that has been eliminated and thanks to Sithspecter the robe flows. Also the running and walking animations are the default ones.

@VP- Can you take a screen shot of this issue and send it to me? I'll then compare it to the full body model and see what I can do.

About the TSL version. To avoid porting issues I will probably be animating them all over again so it may take a while. Unless there is unanimous agreement that it is not porting I can't really do anything about it.

About using this with other mods. It is okay with me, However you'll also have to ask Sithspecter as his flowing robe is included. I created the flowing robe for TSL so have a ball when it is done.

Sithspecter asked that I add a new line in the 2da so that you can use his mod and mine in conjunction, however I have no idea how to do that. This is one of the last things that needs to be done before the mod is released, so If you do know how to do it, drop me a line.

As I was writing the wall o' text I had the thought that I should really get the mod beta tested before I shove it out the door.

Requirements for beta testing:

1. You must have kotor installed. I don't know why you'll ask if you don't as this mod is only for kotor, but still....
2. I'll try to put this as nicely as possible. If you sign up just to get the mod early don't bother. If 4 out of 5 testers point out glaring issues or constructive criticism, but the the 5'th one comes back with "TEH BEST MODZ EVAH" than rest assured they will never beta test for me again.
3.Have Fun

It's just like chicken-only different.
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