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((I actually have been thinking about writing for the challenge. Just waiting for the right topic. Anyway...chapter 5 is here. :)))

Shiyra gently picked up her daughter and began to rock her while softly singing to her. It was a short song that she had picked up on dantooine as a child that had always calmed her down when she was sad.

"Watch the Kath hounds run through the fields of the golden plains. See the dragons fly through the sky on silver wings. Watch the grass flow with the movement of the wind and feel the force run though you."

Arina continued crying even as Mission walked into the room and took a seat next to her and looked at the baby.

"You brother Griff used to sing me a song when I was upset when I was a kid. It always managed to get me to calm down. Is it alright if I hold her?"

Shiyra looked down at the baby and slowly nodded. " gentle with her. Arina is the most precious thing in my life right now."

Mission nodded and gently held the baby and began to softly sing while carefully rocking her. "Watch the stars shine brightly in the night, make a wish on the brightest star you see tonight, always keep dreaming, always keep reaching for the stars that shine in the night."

Shiyra's mouth opened wide and no sound came out as she watched Arina's crying stop and her eyes slowly closed as she drifted off to sleep.

"How did you do that? I have to sing to her for around half an hour before she falls asleep."

Mission smiled down at the baby as she passed Arina back over to Shiyra who took her and placed her down in the small play area in the corner of the room. "Like I said, my brother Griff used to sing the song to me when I was younger. I just thought that she would like the song and it looks like she did."

Mission smiled down at the baby. "Zaalbar and I have been thinking...that you could use some help. I...Well...This isn't really easy for me to say...but we think you need help. I mean you have a Dark jedi chasing you and you have a kid to take care of and your ship is running low on fuel. Not that we're saying that you can't take care of her...we just think you could use some help...for now I mean."

Shiyra looked at Ariana and then back at Mission as a smile appeared on her face. "I...would appreciate that. I really would. With Mical being able to track me wherever I go...It would be great if someone could take care of her in case...he gets me. If you two are offering to take care of her in the event of my death of course."

Mission nodded. "We are. During the Jedi Civil War I saw alot of kids that lost their parents living on the streets. I don't want to see that anymore, so if Big Z and I can help you we will."

Shiyra smiled at Mission again and quietly got out of her chair so that she wouldn't wake Ariana up. "Come on. We should probably get to the cockpit and decide on where to go. We probably have only a few minutes before he finds us."

The two of them ran to the cockpit and Shiyra saw that Zaalbar was sitting at the controls. The wookiee didn't even turn around. "I managed to get the ship to join with the traffic of Nar Shaddaa so that should buy us a few minutes at best, where do you wish to go?"

Shiyra sat down in the chair next to Zaalbar and began to enter the hyperspace coordinates. "I think we should head for deep space so we can regroup and come up with another plan."

Both Mission and Zaalbar nodded in agreement as Shiyra entered in the coordinates and sent the ship into hyperspace. Just as the ship entered hyperspace a series of laser blasts hit the space where the ship had been only a few seconds ago.

Inside his newly appropriated fighter, Mical cursed under his breath. Shiyra was proving to be very elusive opponet. But he could wait. And if there was one thing that Mical had learned it was that the hunt was often much more entertaining then the kill. But he had been chasing his prey for nearly three weeks now and it was becoming clear that this was going to be more difficult then he thought.

Jedi...such elusive prey.

Ebon Hawk

Mission grumbled once as Zaalbar turned and walked out of the cockpit. The wookiee was getting hungry and Mission had already checked the supplies. There wasn't that much food left and they were running dangerously low on fuel. She turned and checked the galaxy map and she cursed under her breath when she took in the information.

Nar Shaddaa was the only place in range that could possibly offer the amount of fuel that they needed. But there was something wrong with the map, she realized. Most of the destinations from when she had been with Revan were gone. She leaned down and opened up a panel and took a quick look at the functions that were displayed.

Destination set 1: Disabled
Destination set 2: Disabled
Destination set 3: Disabled
Destination set 4: Enabled

Both of Mission's eyebrows rose as she reached inside and hit a few buttons.

Destination set :1 Disabled. Access denied.
Destination set :2 Disabled. Access limited.
Destination set :3 Disabled. Maximum safeguards are in effect.
Destination set :4 Enabled.

Mission looked up at the galaxy map and noticed that a new destination had appeared. It looked like a republic supply depot near the Yavin system. Probably long deserted but it might still be worth a shot. But it wasn't the destination she wanted. She reached inside again and hit a few more buttons.

Destination set :1 Disabled. Access limited.
Destination set :2 Disabled. Access limited.
Destination set :3 Disabled. Maximum safeguards are in effect.
Destination set :4 Disabled Enabled.

Mission looked up at the galaxy map and let out a cheer when she saw a new destination on the galaxy map. She had visited the planet once long ago and she was sure that both Zaalbar and Shiyra would be happy with what they saw.

"Hey Zaalbar! Shiyra!" She shouted and the two of them ran into the cockpit. "I managed to hack the nav-computer and look what came up." She said with a smirk on her face.

Zaalbar let out a howl and Shiyra smiled when she saw the destination.

[I]Kashyyyk[I] Shiyra thought, she had never heard of the planet. But it was far away from the normal hyperspace routes and there was a good chance that it would buy her some time.

She smiled.

"Kashyyyk." She said quietly. "Sounds like a good idea to me."

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