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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Jae just how much does the football program at a major university (such as Ohio State, Texas or Michigan) take away from the schools general fund? Be honest. Now if you are completely honest then you would know it is nothing, zilch, nada, zilch, zipů. Now if you want to rephrase the remark to athletics in general then I would tend to agree, but major college football television contracts and the donations to the universe receives because of football to the athletic fund adds to the general fund instead of subtracting from it.
Actually, very little money is actually MADE from even the biggest college football programs. Revenues are huge, but the expenses associated with running a college progam are almost just as big. People need to realize that college athletics are not created to make money.

It's impossible for someone to calculate the donations to the school based on what was for a football program or just a general donation, so those numbers shouldn't be included into the equation.

Also, I should point out that hardly ever is tuition increased because of a new stadium. For big colleges, the state/city usually gets involved with funding part of it with the remainder of the cost coming from the sale of bonds to investors/alumni.

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