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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Jae just how much does the football program at a major university (such as Ohio State, Texas or Michigan) take away from the schools general fund? Be honest. Now if you are completely honest then you would know it is nothing, zilch, nada, zilch, zip…. Now if you want to rephrase the remark to athletics in general then I would tend to agree, but major college football television contracts and the donations to the universe receives because of football to the athletic fund adds to the general fund instead of subtracting from it.

Gross Revenues 2008 to 2009 school year.
Ohio State $68.19 million Texas $87.5 million

Football Expense 2008 to 2009 school year
Ohio State $32.3 million Texas $ 22.5 million

Football Profit 2008 to 2009 school year

Ohio State $35.89 million Texas $65.00 million

Georgia $45.38 million
Florida $43.29 million
Penn State $42.63 million
LSU $39.14 million
Notre Dame $38.18 million
Alabama $38.16 million
Nebraska $37.29 million
South Carolina $37.23 million

If you can't tell Ohio State grosses the 2nd most, but 10th in profits because they spend so much more than everyone else. Still it is not taking away from the general fund.
Thank you for this post. Football funds most of the other sports programs, thus we have funding for all of the Title IX athletics that are worthy in their goal, but are a giant vacuum for revenue.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Uh, no. You can't work as a doctor until you've a. graduated doctor school, b. passed national boards and any state requirements, and c. received your license from the state.
I was not pretending that you could practice medicine without achieving your a,b and c. I also know many medical students land some pretty solid jobs while at university, due either to their connections or their potential, or their brilliance. Sorry you flipped burgers, but so did I and many others. I also did other nasty jobs, just like you.

As for the car I drive and the taxes I pay in my current home state.... You can always bail out of Wisconsin! I know many people that are heartbroken at the thought, but are seriously considering it.

As for what is wrong with your tax system locally, I agree there is something horribly wrong. Why are all Public Sector employees equally held accountable for this, when it appears that you specifically point out the bus drivers, and I cannot argue that they are overpaid bloated pigs. My friend the Veteran's Home Food Director makes far less than they do, works harder, and is watching his cooks bail on him because they cannot feed a family on the new wage scale. Is he equally guilty of abusing the system, or is he and his staff a victim of bad policy?

I was under the belief that the Cops and Fireman bailed on the system because Walker reneged on that portion of their special deal. If that is a mistake on my part, I apologize and tend to agree with you. If they were reneged on, I then reinstate my belief that what they did was right. The government is supposed to be "by the people, for the people" and what Walker did is far less than that. It is our responsibility to ACT (or not act) when the Government is hosing us - it is what the founding fathers wanted expressly.

Your assessment of teacher's in secondary education is a little lacking perhaps in experience or perspective. My mother was an English teacher for many years, my Grandmother taught school in a one-room schoolhouse for much of her younger life until teaching in "modern" schools until retirement. Both of those women worked many, many hours at home, which you might consider their just reward for having the spring and summer break. Whether that is right or not, you grossly underestimate how much personal time the teachers of your children do or will spend on the education and betterment of your children. Whether they are succeeding or no is a totally different question, but to simply say they have a cake job is just wrong. And BTW, is Milwaukee some sort of Utopia? I think it is just about as rough as Chicago, and has equally nasty corners.

As to my venting, a mirror might be a good thing to look at. I am not saying you are wrong to vent, but if you are venting less than I am, I am a monkey's Uncle.

As to what Darth Dan 012 said about collective bargaining, you have misquoted or mistaken his words. I believe, although he was not specific, that he was talking about the typical Republican darling, Ronald "The Gipper" Reagan. Search for his 1980 speech to the Polish people... and you will understand Dan's statement. Whether it is a real "human right" or not is debatable, but again you are telling the forum what should and should not be, rather than making an argument. Is that fair?

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