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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Actually, very little money is actually MADE from even the biggest college football programs.
What do you consider very little money? 65 million or 35.89 million? I guess it all depends on what you consider "very little money" or what you consider "biggest college football programs." By my definition of both, I will stand by my remarks.
Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
It's impossible for someone to calculate the donations to the school based on what was for a football program or just a general donation, so those numbers shouldn't be included into the equation.
It would seem something easily calculated, at least to the two universities and one Junior college I contribute to. The little check mark next to the amount tells the school you want the money to go to be it athletics or academics. I give to academics at the other two schools, but I give to athletic department at the University of Texas so I can get tickets to away football games. (for the record I don't give to the athletic department at the other two schools mainly because they don't have a athletic department.)

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