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"I think this one will do. She's trained to charge but not as violent as the others though I believe some of the men call her crazy. Her name is Shayna."

"I survived the jedi purge," Alriana said with a smile on her face. "I think I can handle riding one of these without serious injury."

She climbled up on the beast and tried to keep herself upright only to nearly fall off. She looked over at Tavaryn and smiled a meek smile. "Well...this may not be as easy as I thought it might be."


Belina walked onto the bridge of the Ackbar after her short shuttle flight up to the Ackbar. She immediatly went to the station that would allow her to access the computer.

"This isn't good." She said aloud. "It looks like the entire computer system has been damaged. My access codes won't work. Get repair teams to work on the computer core as soon as possible."

"Yes Admiral." Koral answered as he and a few other men and woman got up and hurridly left the bridge.
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