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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
What friend are you talking about? My friend has a BA in Business Admin he received from the U of MN in 1995... And a Chef by trade before working at the Veteran's Home, not a cook. The Food Director is an important position to the Veterans he serves. Actually, who's post were you responding to while trying to make me out for a fool? I am 38, 39 in July, and my friends are grown.

I think she meant this one from jawathehutt:
I would say a low percentage. Speaking from personal experience, nearly every education major or major related to education in any way, in addition to droves of actual employees. If you want to hear a nice and personal story, my friend might have to drop out of college thanks to these benefits. Both of his parents are public employees and the pay cuts and benefit cuts are probably going to put an end to his college fund. And he already works and is still having issues. But hey, uneducated simpletons are great for business.

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