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Funny enough, Jae generally leans left on most social issues. Perhaps she, living in WI, has a better grasp of how bad the situation is there.

And QGG, she has a point. With the economy what it is, I have a hard time believing that he has too much difficulty in finding replacement cooks. Perhaps your friend could give up part of his pay so that his workers can have more. I mean is he paying them less than McDonalds is? What skill level are they looking for. I know quite a few people are looking for jobs right now. Better than 10% of the population is unemployed(I think I heard the "real" unemployment numbers are somewhere near 20%, but I'd have to give enough of a crap to look them up, so I'll just go with over 10%). I'm thinking there's job hunters out there. Heck there were business executives out here applying for a summer job at a water park. It's rough.... Maybe WI is paying too much in unemployment.

To be fair QGG you were doing a fair bit of attacking yourself. Your post came off as a bit, "Well you're a doctor, so you can afford to pay up." And having friends who are doctors and driving cars that are actually worse than mine(2004 truck as opposed to their 2000 minivan), I caught what she was saying. The only doctors that end up super wealthy are plastic surgeons. Usually if they have a nice car, they also have a whole bunch of repair bills(or their family already had money to begin with, so they had no school bills)... Keep in mind that the cost of malpractice insurance is still sky high. So on top of taxing them to death, you hit them with insurance that drains them. Then there are a few hefty fees they have to pay either quarterly or anually(Jae could say better, but I am pretty sure WI is pretty well close to the same as AZ)

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