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I find the NATO's intervention to be lacking in moral and legitimacy grounds. If this tricky concept of humanitarian war was true then it should be applied at every occasion it's necessary, not use it sparsely and selectively as it has been. That is if we're really accepting that sovereignty is an aging precept with no room in the modern world.

Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Why call it a No-Fly Zone when they're in all reality wiping out all of Gaddafi's forces minus infantry?
Because, as it was proven in the Bosnian War, a no-fly zone can't properly be achieved without taking out targets such as airports, runways and refuelling stations. Just a formal written prohibition won't do much good. That's why a no-fly zone equals to a war declaration.

Gaddafi accuses NATO and the UN of not just "protecting Lybian civillians' "human rights" and actively helping the overestimated rebel forces to win the, what now has become, conflict. He's not wrong.

Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
In the case of Saddam, we did put him the garbage can. We had peace in Iraq until Al-Qaeda came in large numbers and triggered mass sectarian violence. When we got our *** in gear and made the troop surge, peace was restored.
Just because they're not all over the news now it doesn't mean there are still almost daily terrorist acts going on Iraq.

Originally Posted by Astor View Post
If this were solely about Oil, we wouldn't be attacking Gaddafi - we'd more than likely be continuing our business deals with him.
Agreed. It has a lot do with witness elimination of sorts.

When Gaddafi said earlier this month - before NATO took action - that he had "compromising evidence" about Sarkozy's election and later Gaddafi's son gave an interview claiming that Lybia helped funding his campaign, France was nimble to propose more serious action to be taken against Lybia.

Some other recent news regarding Berlusconi (he's facing underaged prostituition charges and impeachment threats) and the London School of Economics fiasco, ties Italy and England to the list of countries that have something to lose if Gaddafi does not come down or, in Berlusconi's case, if there's no war involving his country to divert those claiming for an impeachment.

It's not like those facts are not public now but finally, after years out of NATO and UN's black list, Gaddafi is being a nuisance again. It's political.


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