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iPhone4 owner.

Absolutely essential business tool, as I can get/make email text and phone messages whenever I need to. I am a freelancer, networking is crucial to the business, and it enables that part of my job greatly.

The apps are the other side of the excellence. I can make an entire lighting or grip package order on the phone, send it directly to the warehouse, and know exactly my rental rate up front without speaking to anyone or needing to enter any text. I can find and follow the sun and know where it will be at what time in my location, which helps me know what lights will need to play (or not play) and when I will need to amp things up or let the grips do the work while I play Flight Control (a game ) Just a couple examples, there are many great apps, for banking as well it is very helpful and an actual time-saver: depositing your check with your phone is a godsend.

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