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Originally Posted by Lady Jedi View Post
. Perhaps our own Groovy Game Stop manager could offer some advice.
*stumbles in hungover wearing a bathrobe and an empty rum bottle*

Of course Game Stop does not fix systems at a service level. I can offer you a few options I do to my customers.

It does not cost anything to call Nintendo's customer service number. Nintendo will repair anything under warranty, but will also fix systems out of warranty for a fee.

Right now a DS light will fetch you about $50 if you trade it in towards a 3DS. Otherwise you are looking at around $25 for the system in trade. The only other factor, is that Game Stop MUST charge you a refurbishing fee if it is not fully functional, I think that might be around $10 in the US. These prices change from day to day, so call in before you go in.

The good news is that with the 3DS craze in full effect, our stores have a very nice selection of pre-owned DS Lites, DSI's and DSI XLs. Seriously some of these look like they were hardly played. Here are the prices on new and used DS systems:

3DS: $249.99
DS Lite New: $129.99 Used: $99.99
DSI New: $149.99 Used: $129.99
DSI XL New: $169.99 Used: $149.99

My advice is see how much Nintendo will charge you to fix, if it is too much, then trade your broken DS in on another new or used system. Even if it is broken, they will still require a stylus, and a charger. Hope that helps.

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