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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
I heard it starts slow. I dunno, what it is about Crytek and sequels? Remember what a great game Far Cry was? Remember what a great game Far Cry 2 was? Yeah, me either...
Far Cry 2 was done directly by Ubisoft, Crytek had no role in developing it.

Sadly I thought it had the makings of a legitimately awesome game, but needed more sensible NPC respawns, as well as non-hostile NPCs and the option to bribe or negotiate ones way through some checkpoints. I guess I see it as similar to Assassin's Creed 1; an Ubisoft game with some really cool ideas, but with sloppy execution, that has the potential for an amazing sequel if those issues are addressed. Assassin's Creed got a sequel, which did this. Sadly, Far Cry 2 did not. The African setting is underused.

Crysis 2, on the other hand, is, from what I've played (the demo) and seen (other stuff), lacking in new and cool ideas, pulling back into safe, mediocre territory. It fails in an opposite (and IMO worse, though many would disagree) way to Far Cry 2.

Perhaps I just have some odd form of gaming masochism, because I actually kinda enjoyed FC2 despite its glaring flaws. Few other games have allowed me to destroy convoy trucks by leaving a car or two blocking a narrow point in a road, then as the convoy comes to a halt, pop out from behind a rock formation with a missile launcher, blow it up, and hightail it before the convoy's guards could react. Of course few other games made me clear out an enemy base, turn a corner, look back and see that everyone had respawned already...

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