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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
I think she meant this one from jawathehutt:
Yep, that one was my mistake for sure. My apologies for Qui-Gon Glenn for accidentally combining the two different posts.

Originally Posted by Tommycat
Your post came off as a bit, "Well you're a doctor, so you can afford to pay up."
Yes, it sure did come off that way, and that attitude is pervasive. And no, I can't afford to pay up.

The biggest question right now is the ruling on whether the bill can be published and whether or not it's law. The Sec'y of State was required to publish it 10 days after passage, but with a variety of court challenges, not surprisingly happening in the courts of extremely liberal Dane County (Madison, WI) judges, he's decided not to move forward. In fact, one judge issued an injunction based on the legislative rules, which is something no WI court has EVER done before, and in fact there were numerous precedents in WI against ruling on legislative rules, since that would mean the judicial branch was infringing on the legislative process. So this one judge just decided arbitrarily to throw all the precedents out the window and go with what she felt like that day (or what the unions were telling her to do....)

So, needless to say, right now there is tremendous confusion about the status of the law.

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