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Either people have lost interest, or have just given up on my game. Just in case it is the latter, since I don't want to be a thread murderer, here are some more, more obvious, hints.

When I said that there was a more enigmatic way of getting the answers, and that the game's name was "DMCFMT VEFIYF KTWWADTIRQM", I was hinting that I had used the Enigma cipher to obscure it. Go ahead and learn how to crack the Enigma if you want (or cheat and find some program to do it, but you're missing out on learning some cool cryptanalysis history and methods).

If you want to guess the normal way, the fact that I chose the Enigma is a hint about the nature of the game. Also, the person whose earlier claim in this thread is proven false by this game is none other than our friend Sabretooth. It is also the second game in its series.

I figure anyone who makes an effort can figure it out now, so if no one gets it, the thread died due to lack of interest. So these will be the last hints.

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