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Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
Just out of curiosity, why would someone recommend that?
It's an obsolete, pre-TRIM recommendation.
Originally Posted by acdcfanbill
Do a lot of writes/reads to the same blocks 'wear out' SSDs?
Exactly. This is why wear-leveling is so important, because it insures that all of the blocks get an equal amount of use which makes the drive last a lot longer.
Originally Posted by acdcfanbill
I don't have an SSD but I've been mulling over buying one on and off again.
Same here. I'm still debating on whether to get one or just settle for RAID 0.
Originally Posted by acdcfanbill
It seems to me that the stuff you would absolutely want on the SSD are OS core files, temp files and swap/pagefile... Basically the stuff that low latency/high throughput access too will speed up the OS.
That, and your most-used apps and games. Game load-times are near-instantaneous on an SSD.

@D3: One thing that I forgot to add is that you need to go into Power Options and select "never" under "Put computer to sleep". I'm pretty sure that sleep prevents TRIM from working.

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